Paintball gun tank and acessories

An air receiver paintball air tank is essential for a compressed air system because it allows the system to perform efficiently. These are used for temporary storage. When the compressor does not run, The paintball air tanks enable you to use air. Except this, during periods of high usage, they also supply additional air to the system. According to a good rule of thumb for most applications, it must have three to five gallons of air storage capacity per air compressor cfm output. For getting the compressor rate to 100 cfm, you need 300 to 500 gallons of compressed air storage.
Big mistakes a lot of beginners do in buying an HPA tank based solely on being fired so many shots. With this approach, you can face the problem is that you may end up with a tank that’s too long or short for you to handle comfortably.
If you want to get the best possible tank size, you should make sure that the tank that you’re going to buy stops at the crease of your elbow at the time of holding the paintball gun in your hand. It is not hard for anyone to check the measurements of tanks if there’s no pro shop in your area. You can look up the measurements of tanks online and take an educated guess.
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