Paid & Free, Which one should I choose?

I published a lot of application and they are all free. Google is started to allowing paid applications for my country, so I can sell application.

I’m creating a futurustic and fancy application that I spend a lot of time on it. And I really hope it will reach 500K downloads in very short period (I hope). I wish I use banner ad to monetize it but application is not suitable for it and I don’t want to use AppWall or Intersistial etc.

Should I sell it for 2.99$ with pro features ?
Should I publish a free (lite) version and a Pro version for 3.99$ ??
Completely free ?

I’m so confused… Thanks !

Here is a video to get idea of application : LazyLauncher Beta for Android [v0.01] - YouTube

Something to keep in mind: usually, in-app purchases have an higher conversion rate than free apps pointing to a separate premium version.
If your app is good, “paid” revenue will surpass ad revenue (especially if it’s coming from simple banners) by a long shot.

Thanks for idea mate.

If your app is not suited for ads, I would also suggest for the IAP approach - always think about user sale-barrier. The easier it is to buy something the more ppl will actually buy it.

Thanks for advices! I will start to entegrate IAP.

Knowing which revenue model to go with is always a struggle. There are articles arguing for each of the app models which I’m sure you’ll find upon googling the subject. The fact of the matter is that every app is different and you have to ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your app. The type of app that you offer will often dictate which app-revenue model or combination of models you end up using.

A “paid app” model can be a guaranteed amount of revenue as long as the app takes off in the marketplace and gains sufficient traction to get the necessary installs and bring in revenue. On the other hand, that can also be a road block because many people do not like paying upfront for apps. Moreover, that model will not offer a constant revenue stream if your app slows its install growth rate.

“In-app purchases” can be successful if done right, as you can see with developers like Supercell who have built a model that capitalizes on the usage of time and one’s “impatience.” :slight_smile: People buy cyber-money or “gems” in order to speed up their upgrades, etc. This also opens the door for incentivized rewards programs.

There is of course in-app ads which also create a flowing revenue stream and is something that the majority of developers use to monetize their apps. It’s important to use a good ad network that drives performance through innovation, and quality ads. Make sure they offer good support, pay regularly, and maintain a quality user engagement/experience. All of those things will increase the lifetime value of the your app.

Most developers offer their app for free and choose to go with in-app ads or a combo “freemium” model. This is mostly because people simply don’t pay upfront for most apps without a trial-period and developers have seen greater download rates by offering their app for FREE. In the end, it comes down to personal preference and what type of app you offer, as well as the experience that you want your users to have.

Hi @winkan,

In my personal and business experience, IAP are better than paid versions. Of course, each app is different and you cannot really generalize, but overall, IAP tend to work better, on both iOS and Android. I would even say that on Android, IAP work much better than paid versions, which seem to hold a very high barrier for many users. They are usually much more comfortable to invest moeny after they concluded that they are satisfied with what your app has to give them.
You should also take into account the country you want your users to come from and other factors, but again - if you want to reach those high numbers of installs, Freemium is probably the right way to go. Especially when there are so many others options out there.

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