Paid Apps = More Affords

I have made conclusion that paid apps initially targeted at income.

We all know that profits depends on decent promotion, how well your app is represented in Store, how traffic it generates to get higher positions, how well keyword optimization conducted to be closer to target users?

If you asked yourself these questions and see that there are blanks in your answers or even worse you have not asked yourself these questions - it seems that app can be faded under pressure of competitors.

Here I wanted to pay your attention at the most necessary promotion too ASO: By making the new high quality promote graphics (Icon & Screenshots) and optimizing the texts (Title & Description) you will get rankings higher and gain much more organic engaged installs from the app market searches. Here is an example of our Icon design

KeenMobi is one the most seasoned companies who offer ASO and structure this service below:

Visualities: improvement of icon, screen shots and demo video.

Localization. Keywords Selection

We select only those keywords which are relevant and attract a lot of target audience. They are competitive and maximum suit your app features. Within this characteristic we offer you semantic core of keywords which we prepare by means of competitors analysis and features’ specific.

Text Improvement

It is not secret that you need to integrate the keyword into your app’s title, subtitle and description. Our seasoned professionals are mastered at inputting needed keywords in the texts and by this fix your app for certain characteristic and powerful keywords.

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