Paid apps downloaded for Free

Which famous websites / apps you know, that let you download paid apps for free?

One of my paid apps started to get a lot of downloads (I see it in analytics), but they are not bought through Google Play. I need to find and ask them to remove.
Nowadays I see 160-180 downloads a day, however, in GP I still see 15-20 downloads a day, just like always…

P.S: Probably, I should go back to IAP instead of Pro apps…

A well known one is Aptoide - Android Apps Store .
I’ve read similar stories like yours on the net.

Good luck!

Google using your app name and word download.

@marcelpreda, thank you, but didn’t find there…

@Anteos, :smiley: I hope, it is a joke ) didn’t find where I could download it, all of them were redirecting to GP.
maybe someone just downloaded the app, backed up and put it to a forum.

Tried to find through


, but it always returns “”, probably because the first one was downloaded from GP

I found what I need…

Where did you find it? Please share the website so others with paid apps can search their apps there.

Sorry guys,
I was thinking I also added the link )

so, there is a way to find out, if a user really paid for the app. I will implement this and deactivate the app or enable ads if this is not the case

Hey there,
Getting apps for free is not a hard task what you need to do is Download Aptoide or blackmart app and search for any app you want.

Download Aptoide Apk | Aptoide App for Android/PC/Iphone

IAP and ads the best way to monetize free apps in the store. In every app/game there are people who ready to pay money and who never will pay even 1 cent, so for both categories must be a way for monetisation. I use both, just show rewarded video and it works great.