Paid app downloads problem

Hi guys,

I have a free app in play-store with Mobilecore and Admob interstitial ads and its getting some good installs.So i thought to publish Paid app for this and published.So many users downloading the paid app but they are backing up the apk and cancelling the order about 50 % of people are doing like this.HOw to get rid of this.

I see your new here but honestly unless you have a known brand, its best to stick to free games. Its too easy to back up apk and send it to pirate websites. Take the paid app down or be happy with what you make. No way for you to stop it.

Adding Licensing to Your App | Android Developers

good … very APPPS

You can include a serial number with your App’s purchase and authenticate against that with every request.

Instead of pay per download, use in app purchase. I am not surprised your app ends up at other markets.

Yeah with Google don’t bother with paid apps. Piracy is extremely common, nobody pays. I have a game on Google, Amazon and Apple. It’s free, so I use in app purchasing. And even then, I’ve made some money with Apple, a whole bunch with Amazon, and with Google I’ve made zero. Not a single sale. Not one. For Google I intend on going strictly ad-based monetizing in the future.

Google play store isnt an ideal place when it comes about the paid apss. It sounds that you have developed a good app which has every potential to get popular. So, relay on the ads based monetization… you can find great partners for great apps. Even the most basics apps are earning substantially, so why cant yours? Take off your paid app and do it the other way… When a giant like microsoft is helpless in front of the piracy then what others can do?

As someone, mentioned about the manual record keeping and validation of the apps, even this isn’t going to help

Wish you luck…

I changed my app to IAP a long time ago…Thanks any way for your response

you have to add some more features in paid app from your free app.Make that more interesting and different lookout that way it will help you to reduce the cancel ratio.Also try to show what exactly in the paid app not try to show off more than its actual features.

Also facing the same problem…

I bought a splashtop subscription and it didn’t worked because it was a jailbroken device (I bought with real money). Now its the third time I ask for a refund and Apple doesnt even give me a answer. Overpriced products and even a refund I cant get for a non working purchase? These people are thieves, such a rich company but stealing money from consumers…

I am totally agree with Pixelpower . The best way to promote your app into the marketplace with a minimum of problems is to have a Free Games/Apps.
Paid Apss have their issues that sometimes app developer can not fix them.

Exactly…thanks for the clarity