page view drop at website

Hi guys,

I wonder if you can explain this.
The last two months I got a sudden increase of pageviews at the start of the month. Now this month a drop of about 25% this week. It seems like these changes happen at the start of the month. Its even stranger because the last blog post I added a few days back counted for a big part of views. So all other posts got a big decrease of views in just 1 week. While last 8 weeks I got more views every week.

Is this some sort of effect in google ranking? Does Google rank pages at the start of the month?

I highly doubt Google makes any changes to their algorithm for the start of the month. Personally I’ve never noticed any big change in my traffic, it seems pretty uniform across the month. Have you checked your Google Analytics stats to see where the traffic’s actually coming from? Could be incidental traffic from other sites that just happened to occur at the start of the month.

Beside google, you have to consider tons of other bots. The evil ones, which try to automatically post comments and other adware. I have one post on my website which get HEAVILY visited by such bots :slight_smile:

Also consider, that someone has maybe linked to your website on a popular website, so you’ll get a impact on visits.

Don’t you use analytics on your website?