Overview Mobile Ad Networks and Formats

Hey guys,

the intention of this thread is to create an overview of white- and blacklisted mobile ad companies and mobile ad formats. I´ve read so many topics in the last couple of days here, I´m really confused by now who we can trust and who we can´t. Even networks (or exactly those) that claim to be “fullly compliant with google´s updated policies” turn out to get some of us into hot water.

I will update the talbe if you guys support the thread. Please tell from your personal experience, what got you banned (and what not).

|Ad Network/Ad Format|Banner
|Exit Ads
|Search Box
|Post Call Manager|Floating Ads|Audio Ads|In-App alerts|Overlays|Video Ads|App Wall|

appwiz dont pay so dont use their sdk

This table is actually about the question if these formats and ad networks are compliant with google play´s policies, it´s not about who pays and who doesnt. That would require another table :wink:

Sounds like you don’t really care about this matter :smiley:

I would suggest table, where columns are ad types, and rows are ad networks. Some columns would be the evil ad types, that google does not like, some would be those where we are not sure, and some would be those 100% policy compliant.

I updated it. I think this strucutre is better.

And by the way, I do care about the fact that some companies don´t pay, however I´d like to focus on the google policy compliance in this topic.

Help me out: Which formats are to be whitelisted (black) and which are to be blacklisted (red)?

In general: banner and interstitial ( image, text, video) are allowed. Mostly cannot be shown after app exit, as it might be detected by Google as an out-of-app ad.