Outsourcing android app question

I’ve done one outsourcing of the app, and I was somewhat happy with the result. But I still think there are some things I need to do better.

The one thing I want to find out is if people use the same person(s) for UI-design as well code, or do you try to seperate these things? Is it smart to introduce them directly or should they go through you (more overhead)?

Any ideas and comments around this?

For an app, it should be ok for the same person to do the graphics but not recommended for game. Though I haven’t outsourced complete app development, but I have read Chad Mureta book. Its good for Appreneur.

Build Your Own App Empire | How To Build An App Empire | Getting Started With App Empire

I’m struggling to understand how to get different people on outsourcing sites to work together and get the final result polished. I guess I have to read and find out little bit more around this. As mentioned I have some experience with this, but the result wasn’t good as I wanted to be.

I hire a graphics person and a Android programmer to help with the programming load.

I am the middle man and control everything. The programmer does not get anything from the graphics guy until I am happy with it. Most times, I need to convert PSD -> something usable.

It just depends how much control you want over quality… ideally you should be able to build a team, introduce them to each other, give them a spec and only check in once in a while… but that becomes more difficult when you are not all sitting in the same office!

Thanks for the info @mind!

My situation is that I’m not into app dev fulltime, nor do i have lot of funds to create a “permanent” team.
So I’m thinking on how to get a designer and programmer to work together in effectice way. I also think I’ll have to act as a middleman. I’m ok with doing some work. I guess a programmer is most probably not a good graphic designer, so I have to have two persons, atleast…

I have used Elane before, I think I’ll start looking for people there again. Do you think the freelancers on these sites will be demotivated by fixed price instead of hourly prices?

I think I read somewhere (one of those blog posts about “How to hire a freelancer programmer”) - that paying hourly can have issues - and for something paying fixed price maybe best.

The problem - if you are not a programmer - is that you will have no clue how hard some piece of programming is and what you should charge - maybe you could hire someone to tell you how much to charge (!) :slight_smile:

BTW I have no experience yet with outsourcing - just commenting from what I read from the blog posts etc.

Here are some links from Google:

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Again I recommend reading book named App Empire for outsourcing purpose.

Thanks guys, I’ll get reading then … :wink:

Paying a fixed amount screws the guy going the work, because there is always feature creep. That is good for you. Paying hourly is fair to both of you… IF the guy logs time correctly.

Personally, I pay hourly, check the output vs the time taken and refuse to pay for work done when he does not follow instructions and does the wrong thing. I think that is fair to both of us.

It is always wise to depend on a company instead of a freelancer and work on fixed cost model based on a fixed scope of requirements. You may check appheros.com for reference.