OUTSENDER: Rich Post Editor for social networks

Outsender: Rich Post Editor
for social networks


Simple and powerful text editor for creating posts and messages.
Outsender helps you write rich post or message and send it to any social networks or chat apps.

Now you can format the text and write in different colors.
Now you can insert images inside the text anywhere and any quantity.
Now no limit on the number of characters or images in the message text.
Now your posts look like professional articles!

One view count for all social networks - see how many people read your message or post.
Get a very beautiful Rich Link to your post, which can be shared on any social network or chat apps.
If necessary, you can one click delete a message or post from all social networks.

[li]Change font bold, italics, underline, strike-through
[/li][li]Change font size, color, alignment
[/li][li]Insert lists, quotes, links, images
[/li][li]Insert line, tab, subscript, superscript
[/li][li]And anymore…


Get app: outsender-1.0.0b.apk

Site: https://outsender.com
Support: [email protected]