Out Of Memory Error on Using AppNext Sdk

Hi,Today i integrated AppNext Sdk to one of my app and i found that it shows Out of memory error?Did any one encounter such error? if so how to rectify it?
Also i would like to know whether AppNext or any other ad network will work on 3rd party websites/filesharing sites like mobile9.com,zedge etc?

Any One?Can you help me?

i also get it many times but I ignore it. May be user is using a very low end phone.

Hi @javaexp thanks for the reply.Oh I see.I tested this on Galaxy Note 3 Which I believe is most high end .I also found similar out of memory error using Adiquity too.

You have to increase Java Heap Size in Eclipse, set it to use like 756+ MB ram and you wont get the memory errors in eclipse anymore.

@DroidGenie Will try.