Organic Installs are made of Incentive Ones

It’s not a shock that paid user acquisition feeds organic app installs. What has often been a mystery, however, is how much.

Organic is not free, and organic does not mean un-marketed. Many mobile publishers promote their apps via owned and earned social channels, for instance.

In case you want to become visible for your organic audience - you need to boost traffic by motivated app installs. This will generate a lot of traffic and lead you to your target audience.

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Influencer Marketing Platform can offer the service of small discussions and correspondence within various forums, thematic sites, commentaries on social networks and other target resources where your target audience can hang out. Influencer Agency such as MoPeak or KeenMobi provides comments and discussions regarding your service or good, their reviews have weight and their task is to persuade the general direction of the dialogue and its essence in the direction that is right for you.

Ideally, those who read such messages and discussions are more likely to become your satisfied customers. And companies with quality service are exactly the same.

In fact, this type strongly overlaps with opinion leaders and, in most cases, they are a single whole - as soon as the leader understands that he is to them, at the same time, he understands what can influence people.

I would describe such ways of getting organic installs

1) Start promoting your App while it’s still developing.

  1. Make an announcement about your Application in news break. List its pros, benefits, emphasize strong sides. It helps to warm up the user’s perception and become more loyal to the newly released application.
  2. Maximize its effectiveness in your inner market[/b]. I mean it must stand out among the similar applications and become visible for users when they type its name in search line.ASO service will help you to be different and recognized – pay attention on title, description, screenshots, and presence of keywords.
    4) Use SMM channel. Talk as much as possible about your application in social networks, thematic blogs and forums.
    5) Maintain AdWords campaign – it would provide you solely target audience on your App installation.
    6) Use incent traffic service which provide you installs and high rate reviews– it cost not much, but ensure inflow of organic audience.
    7) If you have several similar application – not use the same marketing campaign – try different channels and test measurements.
    8) Run the keyword install campaigns for the cheapest rankings growth and raise your organic traffic