Optimizing Admob via its "Allow and Block Ads" feature [New Admob]


I recently made some changes in my Admob setup via its “Allow and Block Ads” feature. It has two measures available for about 50+ categories that Admob uses to categorize its ads. One is % of Impressions, Second is % of Income. My assumption was: “If I remove categories that have %Income < %Impressions as long as I do not see impact on Fill Rate I should earn more.”

That was a wrong assumption, after 72 hours I see a noticeable drop in RPM and I am moving back to serving all ads (apart for some minor sensitive categories).

Anyone tried this? Any results you want to share - similar or contrary to mine?

Have a great weekend folks!

Had it impact on your fillrate … ?


nope, then it would be clear why the income got decreased …

RPM went down by about 10%+ percent and was relatively stable few days before. possibly to short timeframe for real stats, yet possibly someone else will also give it a try and we will know more.

I tried the same idea as you, block categories with %income<%impressions. I tried for a few weeks if I remember correctly. Didn’t see much change, maybe slight drop in overall earnings. No real drop in fill rate.

How about blocking some of the ad networks?