Optimal setup for Mopub + Admob

i’m using mopub with admob, set CPM of Admob to 0.01s ans Mopub to 0.05$ , is it correct or do you suggest anything else please?
no clue about this CPM setup

It depends on your app…
You have to test with higher numbers and check if fill rate is good enough.

Do you use Admob mediation or Mopub mediation ?

using mopub mediation, but no clue really, since mopub is showing 20 clicks but close to no earnings but 5 cents !
it must be me making a mistake in CPM maybe

In Mopub Marketplace help :

Do I get paid on clicks (CPC), impressions (CPM), or something else?
The MoPub Marketplace operates on a CPM basis

Your earning are not related to number of click.

Admob, in the other way pay on clicks. (But mopub cannot know how much)