Optimal network

Hi, as I’m yet very new in android development and want to earn a buck or two, I came to seek help from the masters :slight_smile:

I’ve got application targeted to some minor crowd, but I think I’m able to motivate user to click on my banner once in a while. I’m using interstitial ads… After 5 days in google play I’ve got 643 impressions, 32 clicks, but 0.00 EPC … is this normal ? shouldn’t I be paid [even a little sum] for each click received ?

Also…which Ad network would you recommend for my scenario [less impressions, a bit higher CTR] ? [let’s assume, the impression count could increase as app is in play yet too short] I don’t want to waste a month having chosen wrong ad network…

I’ve also have a widget slowly increasing in popularity…what are the ways of monetizing widgets ? If possible I’d stay from push and notification ads as it might result in bad reviews for my widget which could be drastic as it’s just on the beginning of it’s journey

Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

As far as I know you may not ask users to click on your banners.
Maybe you meant something else with this line “but I think I’m able to motivate user to click on my banner once in a while”. In that case ignore my comment.

You can monetize your widget by creating a free and pro version. Or you could use in app purchase to unlock features.

I more thought of something that when user clicks on the banner, next 5 activity displays will be banner-free…is that not allowed ?

I Don’t know if that’s allowed. You will have to look it up.

Definitely not allowed because it might be considered a reward for clicking the banner. Rewards are not allowed.

Ok thanx a lot for pointing out, I will remove the “click reward”

Regarding the second part of the questions…which networks do pay for each click no matter how many impressions were encountered ? [if there are any] It’s kinda dismotivating seeing having click encountered and not a single cent given… I didn’t implement ads to give them clicks for free after all