Opinions on appnext?

As a developer I need to switch from AdMob to some other advertising platform. I’ve been looking through the various platforms and have found that appnext suits most of my wants. What do you experienced developers think about it?

Here is what I think:


Is 100% safe (big requirement for me)
Pays decently
Net-10 payment
looks easy to work with
no controversy behind it as airpush does


Not a hugely popular service

if you earn less than $2500 weekly and need weekly payment, go for mobilecore else appnext is excellent.

2500$ weekly?

what apps earn so much?
how many apps you have?

what is the secret?

Learn to read…

AppNext are solid! I also recommend mobileCore as @javaexp did.

Can someone do a quick comparison between mobilecore and appnext please?

Like same app, same traffic, etc… which network is better?

I’d like to see that too, but mostly admob vs appnext.

me too, any comparison between ad networks would help

ok I share my stats for appnext and mC

appnext: 150K impressions with ecpm of $3.13
mC: 95K impressions with ecpm of $2.93

mC has its eCPM towards lower end when compared with admob, startapp or appnext (may be because of weeklies in mC and admob/startapp/appnext have no practical weekly payments).

Better try them for one week and decide for yourself. There are apps where I get $0 ecpm for either appnext or mC. I also need to optimize them and find better networks for those apps only and not other. So its app by app basis.

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I think StartApp is also decent network.

on startapp, same app has 250K impressions with ecpm of $2.90