Opinion On Avocarrot

Hey guys,

Is anyone of you guys using avocarrot . What is your opinion on this .I have seen their demo app in playstore and they have some good native ads which i think give good revenue for us. If anyone of you guys using avocarrot please share your statistics.

Am happy for it. Avocarrot have good support and the money is more to startapp. I use Avocarrot for native ads and startapp and appmext for banners. I recomend avocarrot

Can you please share your stats with us

Their native ads assume your app is using those common UI display format. But what if your app is not using those display format?

@sgh if you don’t want to use the common UI display format, you should try out the “Custom Native Ads” which give you an API-like flexibility to customize native ads to your exact needs: https://app.avocarrot.com/#/docs/getting-started/android/create-your-own

Do you mind sending a screenshot of your app so that I can suggest the most suitable integration method?
@NokiaDev if you have any specific questions I can help with, let me know

For me Avocarrot currently gives the highest eCPM - I got up to 5$ sometimes, when in the same time other networks give me only 0,5-1$… I have low value countries and for last week 3$ eCPM. No crashes, fast payouts. Good network so far. We will se what will be in the future…:wink:

I wrote that not because of my refferral. I really recommend this network. But if you want to register - you can get 30% bonus for signing in. You can register with the link : Grow App Revenue With Native Ads | Mobile Ad Exchange | Avocarrot

I post my earnings from last few days:
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The stats looks good. What GEOs are your users located?

usually low value countries

Then looks like avocarrot is a great ad network.

Added avocarrot to one of my apps yesterday night, I will share the result tomorrow

I am too planning to integrate in one app.
some results will be highly appreciable though.

For some reason, the avocarrot website is all screwed up in chrome. I can not see any text. The graphics are there. Buttons appear as buttons with no text on them.

Chrome Version 43.0.2357.124 m

Which ads layout do you use from Avocarrot? (List, Feed, Natural Pause, Custom)

i will also integrate their SDK after some research on them

@ryanosaur we are currently investigating this - could you please share a screenshot with the broken behavior?

Looks like avocarrot doing great. i implemented in one of my app just to experiment and its just beyond expectation.
Mere 10,000 impressions give $11.90 with great eCPM.

This new network might be good healer for the damages done by major networks.

Refer link in my signature to try your test. i might get some bonus.

Good to hear :slight_smile: Which ads layout did you use? Also what is your admob eCPM compared to avocarrot ?

Feed and Natural pause Native ads. eCPM 5+

Looks like avocarrot doing good …I am integrating now :smiley:

Register vai referal link in my signatures and get $30 as bonus.