Opera Mobile Store


I think to put my app (WoT Weakspots) in Opera Mobile Store.

Is anyone try this site?


I tried Opera, Samsung, Amazon, SlideMe, getJar and some others.
The best I could get has been about 5% of the downloads I got from GP.

Said this, try, it’s worth, but don’t expect anything, maybe anyway you are luckier.

I will try,

Thank you

I was just looking for the right forum to ask about opera store when I found this.

I uploaded 3 games to opera mobile store, also ran a $25 campaign to boost downloads. I see my games have 29, 44 and 435 downloads. But I see absolutely nothing new in my tracking system I have implemented in my games. That means my tracking system has not recorded ANYTHING coming from those 500 downloads. I see no levels completed by those new users. Looks like BS to me.

i think because user can download your apk file directly from PC, maybe they installed its offline at their device. I have the same issue too.

That makes sense although it seems highly unlikely that all those users don’t have internet enabled on their devices. So what’s the benefit of getting an app on the opera store if users don’t use the internet on their phone? Ads won’t be displayed, in app purchases won’t work. Probably only paid apps will benefit from this.

Yeah it showed that I have 160 downloads but I’m not seeing these users anywhere in my Ad metrics, maybe the advertisement companies need to update but usually they do it real-time.