Opera app store experience

I’m trying to publish apps on opera app store but this message show up :-

You can enable your applications when they will be verified.

and its been almost a month , Anyone had the same experience??


Check your email you signed up with, they dont let new users enable apps until after they confirm thier identity due to people blasting spam/fakeapps/viruses

Thanks man that was really helpful , cause i found an email from them in my spam folder that they want to take all my apps themselves and put them in my accountI just have to agree.

too bad I just found out.

2 years ago, opera store was a waste of time. I mean very little downloads, even on apps on top. I had wallpapers apps that were in top searches, and I was getting about 100 installs per day!!!..so very little.

I am wondering how is it now ? does anyone use it with success compared to google play ?

same as before like 300 installs first day or 2 then nothing after 2 days.

And lets not forget these are installs from low ECPM Countries as well.

That’s exactly how it is, but I don’t think their stats are accurate either, 200 downloads (their stats) gives about 50-100 impressions when I only have an interstitial ad on app launch.

got lucky with opera, in a specific game, they give me about 2000 installs a day for 3 weeks now.

Yeah sometimes games do well if you add in translations to Russia and other languages, Opera will also publish your app to nokia X store as well, but I got shit downloads there too as well. Microsoft needs to stick to windows and leave the android world.

well funny thing, my app is English only:) but i’m sure your correct about that point, i need to move my lazy ass and do app translations.

i am having weird results with the opera store…according to their statistics, my app got downloaded by nearly 3k people in the last 3 or so days…yet i have seen no increase at all in my playerbase…it sounds to me like those are fake download numbers…it is impossible that 3k people downloaded it and then nearly no one decided to even install and try it…

Has anyone had similar experience with opera? with so different numbers between the hypotetical downloads and the actual people trying it checked through google analytics? Analytics is surely showing the right amount of people playing since it always tell me if anyone has launched the app…so for sure there is something strange in the opera’s store numbers

A few pieces of advice on Opera store.

1 Even if the app is not compatible with phone Opera will still let users download it. But it won’t install on their phones when they try. Unless the developer make the screen selection before launching the app.

  1. Good amount of downloads is not US based and if your AD doesn’t show in another country then they don’t see ADs.

  2. Remember people use AD block for android also .

  3. I think Opera is good when you buy marketing package otherwise it’s one week and done most of time.

The problem here is not only that i am not seeing any ads increase…i don’t see those hypotethical people playing either…out of 3k download i have seen roughly 20-30 people, according to google analytics…they may be blocking the ads somehow, ok, but those players should at least appear as playing on google analytics no?

My game works with all devices from android 2.3 upwards, so it is not possible that out of those 3k people, 99% of them have phones that can’t handle the game…even today, 400+ new downloads according to opera, and yet, i have seen 12 people using that version on analytics…i don’t get what’s happening…if those download numbers are true, i am missing a ton of customers (way more than expected and more than those on googleplay)…but i don’t get why something should go so wrong on Opera when downloads and analytics for both Google store and Samsung store are reliably compareable…

I even tried and downloaded my own app from opera and it is working as expected, and i appeared on analytics too so it is not something with my app…i don’t get why they should give me fake download numbers, it makes no sense (especially when the difference between downloads and people playing is 500/1000-fold)

It’s a well known fact that stores like SlideMe, Opera and others show wrong numbers (has been reported in this forum several times). My guess is they are just faking the number of downloads so the stores look competitive. As far as I know, to download apps from these stores you have to click on a link, download it to your computer and then install it to your device. So if there is a link to an apk file then maybe search bots are hitting those apk files multiple times that it counts like a download?

Ah ok, thank you avradu! i was exactly trying to look for this kind of information about this. I wanted to know if it was normal to have these “fake” numbers or if i was somehow missing a real, huge playerbase.

Yes, i think they are definitely bots doing this since, while analyzing the download data i found, for example, that i had 400 download from Angola…of those, only 20 “played” and they all had a session duration of 1s…so definitely there is something fishy here :smiley:

opera store=waste of time

waste of time for me too, not worth it

for me is going decently for now (40ish new players daily through opera vs the 150ish on googleplay…so not bad at all…actually better than expected :D).

The problem with Opera is their fake numbers in the download statistic…i can understand trying to make your store looks like it is widely used…but faking the download numbers by a 3-fold factor is definitely way too much…i am now at 5k “downloads” in 4 days…only 7 ratings and around 100ish real player out of those “5k” downloads…definitely too much showing 50x the number of real downloads…