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Open Data Companion (ODC)

Developers are always looking for more data to develop better apps.
End-users want more information which can only be gotten when more data is available.

What if you could get all this data and information for free? That is the power of Open Data. Have’t heard about Open Data? Read more.

[b]Open Data Companion (ODC) [/b]is an Android app developed to provide a unified access point to over 100 open data sites/portals and thousands of datasets from around the world; right from your mobile device. Crafted with mobile-optimised features and design, this is an easy and convenient way to find, access and share open data.

Open Data Companion provides a framework for all Private Sector, State, Regional, National and Worldwide CKAN open data portals to deliver open data to all mobile users.

[li]Browse datasets from over 100 data portals around the world by categories
[/li][li]Receive push notifications when new datasets are available from your selected data portals
[/li][li]Download and view data records (resources) on your mobile device
[/li][li]Preview dataset records and create data visualisations in app before download (as supported by the portal)
[/li][li]Bookmark/save datasets for later viewing
[/li][li]“Favourite” your data portals for future easy access
[/li][li]Share links to datasets on social media, email, sms etc. right from the app
[/li][li]In-app tutorial videos designed to help you quickly get productive with the app. Tutorial videos are available offline once downloaded
More features on the Way!!

[b]Download the Free App Here[/b]