Open Connect Agreement


I have been researching for a while to use the data of Borsa Istanbul for Ninjatrader 8. A Freelancer software developer can comply with this request, but previously with Ninjatrader 8 it can obtain permission to re-translate Turkisk market data.

How can I make an Open Connect agreement with Ninjatrader 8 so that Borsa İstanbul data can be translated again? Please help me with this. It will be a really attractive opportunity for many Turkish investors.

Please see my response to your email so we can get in touch.

I’m a beginner freelancer and am looking for a steady income from companies. I can be both a web designer and a layout designer. I can work in several areas of IT at the same time. The best option for me would be to work for one company for an extended period as a permanent remote worker. That is, I could work from home and do whatever is required of me? There’s an article at about freelancing safely. I read that article and am very inspired now. What kind of work could I get from Turkey?