Only Indian Developer open this....

:D:D:D Please share your tips to generate more revenue from ad network by Indian traffic :D:D:D

It depends on what kind of app you have and how many daily active user do your app provideā€¦

try many ad network to see what is best for your app
all apps different

Admob with mediation works fine for me for indian users.

well thanks for your quick response, right now I have a app targeted for Indian user and daily impression around 10k to 13k using FAN with mobilecore. but I need more report to jump on conclusion.

Keep Fan by default followed by admob as backfill for banners.

Admob/mc/appodeal for interstitial.

Hope it helps.

use admob or revmob are the best

FAN and admob are more reputable names, any idea about Indian ad networks like inmobi and vserv.

Has any one tried amazon, flurry.

Inmobi worked like shit to me.
It generates lots of impression for me and very less revenue.

I have stopped them using long back. Was so pissed off and even left few bucks with them as it was below minimum payout. I could have waited and take the money. But it was like with that much traffic I could have made huge with another network. So I left.

are you from india which ad networks do you use,

your apps are for india specific or global

are you from india which ad networks do you use,

your apps are for india specific or global

Global games/apps

If you target india i strongly recommended appodeal with admob. Also if you plan to add splesh ads then use startapp.I also tryed mobilecore,avvocarrot but not work good for me

But choice is yours

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Which ad network did you used?

success of app depend on its feature and area of interest. If you have unique app and if people find it interesting one, then you will get mouth publicity as well. And any trustrated ad networks will let you earn good money.