One source codec for many app published at play store

hello, I have made an application wallpaper by my self. If I use the source code for many applications and publish them in one account playstore, whether it violates playstore policy? (spam or etc)

I mean, the source code (wallpaper) for many applications

example: nature wallpapers, flower wallpapers, wallpaper car, wallpaper train, plane wallpaper, wallpaper scenery.

Sorry for my english, I’m using google translate
Thank you for the help

If its something really developed by you then i dont think its gonna violate their policy. as per my understanding you can use this code for creating different applications, however you cant submit a single application multiple times on the pay store. Just keep them look different as you have mentioned in your post, that you are going to develop different kind of live wallpapers like flowers and train, plains and car. So you can publish them differently however I would suggest you to publish your apps with a group of live wallpapers like, you can publish one with 2 of them train and plane, you can publish another for a different group like scenery and flower , it will add more value to your app.

agree with you sir

You are good to go! Just make those apps different by changing their theme!

you can. there is no issue

This is against Google TOS. You strategy seems a spamming tactics to game Google. If Google doesn’t detect the apps, then it’s ok. If does, then all your apps are under risk.

What do you mean by spamming? You should take a loot at Candy Crush by King as an example.