One developer account, several admob accounts


I would want to know if it is possible to have one developer account where i can upload apps and…
Some of those apps will have ads of an admob account, and other apps will have other ads of admob accounts. (each app only will be using ads of one admob account)

Is it possible? Or can be a problem?

Thank you.

Yes, I’ve talked with Eric (from AdMob) about this, and it’s 100% fine.

@bluedot, how did you get in touch with someone from Admob?

@javafate: AdMob has a “Product Forum” ([email protected]) where people from AdMob communicate with users.

Hi bluedot,

Thank you for your answer.
Do you have the link to the thread on google forums where you ask that?

On the other hand, I habe tried to send an email to Admob (support email of admob) but no answer received.

Thank you!

Hey, pedroarnau. Sure, here it is:!forum/google-admob-ads-sdk

Cant find it :expressionless:

Bro, click on this link:!forum/google-admob-ads-sdk

Then click “New Topic” and ask whatever you want to ask. :slight_smile:

Hi bluedot,

thank you, but i mean, do you know the thread where it is posted what you say?

I know that we can ask whatever we want, but i suppose that you have asked before, so do you know where is that thread?
To see the answers.

Thank you!

Hey pedroarnau,

sorry, I don’t have it bookmarked. :frowning: Search the forum, I hope you find it. If nothing else, ask again. :slight_smile: