[OMG] This app is ranking no 1 for keyword "Solitaire"

The app is launched in less than 3 days AND is now ranking no 1 for “Solitaire” and a bunch of highly competitive keywords in USA and almost all over the world. no backlinks, not much rating, not much download, searched around the web I dont see he placed any ads in major advertising network.

SO , tell me how. He is the king of black hat, the second solitaire app has 10 million download. IMHO ,He is rewriting ASO history.

App link

Ranking no 1 for “Solitaire”

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New app so takes 3-5 days for stats to update with Google.

Good finding, I also want to know how.

Good catch, but this company is not a he rather a large company in silicon valley, my guess would be that they have some connection with google and are getting preferential treatment.

still cannot explain how he can outrank all the others Solitaire apps with 10million download

Most likely it was cross-promotion between their other successful apps(as I can see from their profile they have some big number games). And since they’ve got maybe tens of thousands of downloads in just 1-2 days then Google gave them priority against other apps. We’ll see how long it will last)

I think the app promoted by keyword installs.

it doesn’t seem to generate many downloads judging by the number of ratings and +1s

I see it already gone from rank 1 to rank 18 now.

humm this service exists?

Even with the huge cross-promotion is impossible to rank number 1 in all these keywords in only 3-4 days, so there is either, google favorable treatment or some kind of mysterious services

Yes, keyword installs exists. The users search for the app, and install it. I know several company which provide keyword installs. But it cost more than normal installs. About $0.30/each.
I have a good experience, really works! But a little bit expensive…