old Gplay apps on Admob.

I have been receiving emails from admob during the last month about disabling ad serving to some apps i have on admob. Heres the background;

i had about multiple apps on google play,there was an issue with 2-3 of them which cuased the entire account to be suspended. since then i have gotten a new google play account and only updated apps that google has no issues with, and everything has been fine for over 6 months. now Admob is sending me emails saying they’ve disabled ad serving to app thats were on the initial account, the one that is now suspended.

this was their reason:

GOOGLE PLAY REMOVAL: AdMob publishers are not permitted to abuse or promote the abuse of any Google product, such as Google Play, YouTube, or Blogger. This includes circumventing, or providing the means to circumvent, the policies or terms of these or other Google products, such as by allowing users to download YouTube videos.

If your app is removed by Google Play policy enforcement, please contact Google Play about an app removal here. If Google Play reinstates your app, please submit an appeal to our team.

i do not care about those old apps as the provide almost no revenue, what i am worried about is Google closing my admob account or my new Gdev account (no bad apps on the new account).

does anyone have any experience with a situation like this?

thanks for reading.

I had the same experienced so just disabled ad serving on the old apps just like google asked. You’ll have to do that for your admob to be safe.

I’ve only had one of these. It was for an app that actually got DMCA’d and after the dev account had been terminated.

Many other apps are still getting downloads from other appstores. So I need to be cautious about this.

I’m wondering since admob and adsense are now all in one, if admob gets terminated, does the adsense follow suit! Hmm!

open the admob, then apps - from there remove ad units from the apps you don’t want (that are already suspended, or as you want). When you remove (archive) the ad unit, ad serving will be disabled as well