Old Admob closing soon?? (Forced to upgrade to new admob)

I just receive an important notice from admob a few days ago.

Recently we launched a new AdMob, which is a more powerful platform to run app promotion campaigns. As users upgrade to the new system, we are closing services in the legacy AdMob.

Important dates:

  • 26 August 2013: You will not be able to add funds to advertising campaigns.
  • 30 September 2013: Advertising campaigns running in the legacy AdMob will stop serving ads.
  • 15 October 2013: The last day you can request a refund of your remaining balance.

I am developer from country which is not in the list of supported countries of new admob. I have a few apps on market and I only use admob to monetize but not advertize.
Actually I still not very clear about this update after read through the details and I wish to know how it affect me so that I can plan my next step.

Does anyone can tell me whether this update means that legacy admob will stop working and ad will no more showing in our apps start from 30 Sept 2013?
Is it means that we(developers) must request a refund before 15 Oct, if not then we will lose all our earning balance in old admob?

It’s just for Advertiser not Developer. You can use old Admob as long as new Admob arrive

Doesn’t that mean publishers who still use the old Admob can’t create house ads anymore? I just have a unknown error creating house ads.

Yes. From the details, it does states that publishers cannot create house ads anymore with old admob.

Do you know where could I find the list of supported countries for new admob?