Ogury network?

Anyone tried that?
They says that can garenttee 25$ cpm, i saw their sdk that requires many permissions like WRITE_BOOKMARKS, INSTALL_SHORTCUTS, SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW…
Is it google complaint? In my opinion absolutely not, but the account manager keeps saying that is it google complaint, and that google verified their network and there are big publisher on play store using ogury, is it the truth?

The more permissions an sdk requires the more risky it is and Google verified their network how?? And why didn’t you ask the account manager which big publishers are using them

he said that they are not allowed to communicate such information

Google doesn’t verify networks. PERIOD. Ogury have spammed me over and over again with the same templated e-mail. They might work with tier 1 geos, but that’s about it. Their solution seems like it would only fit certain types of apps too.

very low fill rate on this network.

ogury is spam

What?? Then you can’t trust them period, no matter how good the deal sounds. I can’t believe he said that as you would know which publishers use them just by looking at the ADs in the app. Skip this network for your own sake please. I don’t want another " they didnt pay my $1,000 thread".

Very good and informative exchange … Thank you!

Does anyone checked what data they collect from our apps?