October Revenue

So October was the month I have been waiting for, big moves for me. No new apps but my existing app have done really well. I found a trick to getting better ranking for one of my apps, I got it in the top 10 of a competitive keyword which boosted downloads. For all apps combined, revenue is up 155%, impressions are up 115%, my best day was 2.7 times bigger then my all time highest and overall, my day to day income has smoothed out.

Glad to hear it’s working out for you. :slight_smile: What type of apps do you publish?

And what does men in money … you earned before $100 and after earn $1000? Please tell us!!

I made simple soundboard apps. I put percentages down because it’s not allot dollar wise. So from $25 to $65 is a %155 percent jump. The big jump came from 2 of my apps that are sports related and there was an even this month that caused a spike. Month to month I make very little but over the course of a year it adds up :slight_smile:

Not bad. Good job, which ad networks do you currently use?

Just admob, it was the easiest to implement.

Congrats! You show that’s it’s important to reach an audience. You seem to do well.

First of all congrats…then…can you share with us your trick too? :smiley:

can you post some numbers?
$65 from how many impression / clicks/ active users?