Number of downloads necessary to reach the top of Google Play Games List


I would like to know if anyone knows in average how many downloads a new game needs to have (in total or/and for day) to reach the top list of games in Google Play?
Hope this isn’t a silly question, I just wanted to have an idea of the number of downloads of a new sucessfull app needs to be highlighted by the Google Play Store.

There isn’t an easy answer to that because it depends on a lot of factors.

Each country is independent from the rest. That means you may have 1000 downloads from the USA and 5 downloads from Andorra but you will rank better in Andorra because there are fewer devices and less competition there.

The ratings also matter, the uninstall rate is also important, the category your game is in is also very important.

To reach top new for brain & puzzle in the USA you need around 100 downloads for 5 days in the USA but you will be at the bottom of the list. If you get 1000 downloads from the USA in the first 5 days you will probably be around #150 in top new for that category.

If you get 1000 downloads daily from the UK in the first 5 days you will rank even better because competition is not as high as in the USA: probably around #75 for top new free brain & puzzle.

Again, it’s not easy to answer such a question and my best advice to you is to see for yourself: use to see your rankings in different countries in different days, depending on the number of downloads you are getting from each country each day.

Good luck!

Of course noone will give you the exact amount. It depends on country and a lot of other factors (+1 clicks, ratings). I usually get into top 100 when my app is downloaded about 10k times in 3 first days. But in your coutnry it can be different.

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50k/day should do it in US