Now hitting 3$+ Per day earning!

Remember a few days ago i reported I was earning 1$ per day? I am now earning 3$ per day!

Congratulation bro. Hope to hit that someday.

Your efforts are beginning to pay !

that is nice progress. 300% improvement. do it 2 more times and you are set

Thanks Man! 90 percent of my customers are coming via ASO

great, many of us started there.

Congrats, nice to know

What ad networks do you use? I’m getting around 2000 impressions per day but my revenue sucks.

And what is your network and your ECPM in this network?

Average CTR is low <1% Admob eCPM around $1 Appodeal eCPM around $0.5
Btw I use banners, interstitials, and videos

Keep blasting apps bro. Blast 1000 apps and if each app makes on average 10 cents a day thats $100 a day which is $3,000 a month. That’s the bare minimum the average app makes a day with hardly any users is like 10 cents a day. My Apps get shit for downloads so I have to blast apps on Play Store to make decent revenue.

But in reality, not every app makes money everyday. I have 100 apps and each of them makes at least 500 or more impressions a day, but I really wonder why only 4 or 5 apps among them make money?

500 seriously how did you managed to make so many. What was time taken?By the way I am learning basics of java so I don’t know how much time it takes to build apps

Congrats. Seems market is little tough

This will destroy the App Store, lead to an increase in crackdowns by g and is just a bad idea. I don’t think it’s even possible to upload 500 apps without getting 3 random suspensions for various reasons resulting in account suspension.

Just make good quality apps/games and promote them properly. That is all, I created an Audio Recording app in May and now I am getting over 150+ organic installs every day. And I surpassed alot of apps that does the same thing which has been in the store waaaay before me…

you are absolutely right.

Very very congrats…

Would you like to reveal your earning way? if don’t mind

Nice, but doesn’t stop. Go to 10$ daily… continue uploading apps to Play Store.