Now (August 22,2013) Old Admob didn't any traffic in report

did anyone found this situation like me ?

when i logging in to Admob (old) all traffic are 0 no revenue , no traffic

how can i solve this problem

(Before today i have 10-20$ eveyday )

how long have you been with admob? it is common for them to be 4-8 hours late reporting anything when the new day starts, and 99% of the time for me my revenue for the past day or 2 will change within the next 48 hours.

aug 22nd for admob stats started about 6 hours ago. and still 0 in every field.

me too - same problem

I have the same problem, but few months ago i had similar glitch where for two days all stats was zeros :smiley:

Its working for me now.

I have the same problem since this morning. But a few minutes ago it had seemed normal.

Yup, it works now :smiley: