November payments from Admob

I haven’t received any admob payments yet for Nov. ? Did you guys ? I’m using PP.

does it meet the minimum Payout ?? i also have not received but my reason was it was not 100$ for bank transfer :slight_smile:

I received inform email few days ago.
Did you check spam folder?

I received the inform email BUT payment has not been made to PP. I received email on 4th jan, it said “If you have selected PayPal as your payment method, please allow up to 2 weeks for this amount to appear in your PayPal account.”

But no show in PP yet.

I received an email on 3th jan.
i selected wire as payment method.
“please allow up to 2 weeks for this amount to appear in your bank account.”:confused:

maybe the amount will appear on this days ( from 15 to 21 of this month ) Be patient.:wink:

AdMob’s payment terms are net 45 days.
So, it takes at least 15th of january to receive november payments.
Sometimes it can take 2-3 days more.

I received email from them on 4th january & hope i will get payment around 20th.

i usually receive email from admob on 4th every month and money will appear in paypal on 14th-15th every month

Anyone receive wire from Admob?

not yet!
i am waiting

i got it this morning

Received it just now, Paypal

I’m waiting for ACH at Payoneer acc, so people in US still sleep, but I hope that payment will come today.