Notifymob and Airpush not detected by Lookout AD scanner

I did a test using the Lookout AD detector app on Google play store. I have probably 50-60 games and apps combined on my device with different AD networks in each to test. The AD networks that got caught were


The reason for this test is to see which AD networks can be detected and targeted by AD-block developers. Also the reason is the growing popularity recent of AD blocking apps on android off market. If your concerned about making AD revenue stick to those that avoid getting detected. Since I didn’t get a chance to test on all AD networks if you have any apps using a different AD network just post the link to it and I will download and test it out, only apps made with AD networks not listed here.

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The list will get updated once its proven that Lookout can not detect the ADs. The reason for testing with Lookout is that the Lookout company is very aggressive updated often and users trust them.
View the report here

If you want to know yet another reason for this then read here but warning it might piss you off


That thread you linked is so funny! :o

Hey I haven’t seen you in a while hit me when you get a chance. Any other developers did similar tests?

Good trolling, nobody normal is using notifymob scam, who is clearing your earnings if you bad review it on forum, they have also pathetic ecpm, website and system on poor server.

1st I know SocioSoft personally , as in I talk to him off this website.
2nd I had my issue’s with Notifymob in the past but we resolved them through talking and sorting it out.
3rd I made this thread because some users are starting to turn to Lookout detector and other AD detecting software then they are using AD-block.
Services like Notifymob and Airpush are constantly updating to combat these services that effect revenue.