Notification from Google Play

Google remove almost all applications in account. Remain three apps. REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the System Interference provision of the Content Policy. In this application I use the same advertise as in others. Please look may be you find some “system interference”

I got more than 10 apps got banned due to system violation. All of them are using the same advertising company. PingJam :frowning:

5 of my apps got suspended!!!
and i know why, it’s because of PINGJAM!!!

only 5 of them use pingjam, and now it’s banned!!

oh my god, now a total of 7 my apps got suspended -____-"
how much i left of suspension before google banned all of my account?

i should have known it and removed it from days ago!
pingjam costumer is never available, he just running away. and now this happen!
ah this is suck

@Yurly - which networks do you use in Water and bubbles?
Your exit ad doesn’t have close button and the “virus detected” banner is annoying (but admob was showing similar ads recently so I don’t know if this could be the cause). If you don’t have any other networks than that exit ad and banner, then I don’t know. Maybe that exit ad?

Hi keitaro

I’m sorry that your apps where removed and I’m here to work with you to help figure out what caused your apps to be suspended.

Please send me a pm with your developer details or write to [email protected] and we’ll work with you to help figure this out and get you back up and running asap.


I use Millenial media (banner), MobileCore(smartwall) and SMAATO(Banner)

Really ? so now even in-app ads also got flagged by system interference, now that’s what I called the end of other ad network except admob which is fuck up, no way I’m gonna touch admob. It is time to find other market then

The most terrible thing.
No matter how many wrote to google help, there is no response from them

Yep, you can reply to them but you will got 99.99% answer that your appeal denied. that’s is what it is, so I guess we will soon hear a great app crumble due to this new policy and auto algorithm detection ruin some of the best company around.

Google will never reveal their answer as why to flagged your app as system interference. My really last bet is, perhaps due to a lot amount of crash by ADS network SDK, no matter what is the ad network, if there are some suspicious crash, maybe google will auto flagged them.

sorry for your app being banned. I feel you friend

You all should launch an appeal with Google asap, and advise that you will remove the non-compliant portions of your apps. I went through a mass app ban a couple years back because I used copyrighted logos in my apps. After 90 days of emails back and forth regarding the appeal, I had my admob, checkout, and play accounts + apps restored after being locked out of all of them. If google had a callcenter I could have called, I’m sure the ban would have been removed within days instead of months, because it took about a week or two between replies by email.

You serious? So widdit are also not complaint? Even when the lockscreen is removed if you uninstall the app? Come on Google i am tired of making guesses here in what is or isn´t compliant…

Everything out of app will be slowly banned from Google Play. The most experient members had already said it, and I agree.

how about the OP issue using Millenial media (banner), MobileCore(smartwall) and SMAATO(Banner) get flagged by system interference then ? this is inside of app ads right ?

what about startapp phone call manager?
i have used it since the first release, and i think it’s safe.
have you heard a banned using starap?

ah forget it,
it’s a pain to deal with google
i’ll just resubmit it after i change all my package etc
and no more pingjam


I wish I had an answer for that.

The furious software guy said on this forum that the cause for losing is apps/accounts was startapp phone call manager, StartApp said back then that it wasn´t their fault, but after all this i think probably not even their phone call manager is complaint.

how about the OP issue using Millenial media (banner), MobileCore(smartwall) and SMAATO(Banner) get flagged by system interference then ? this is inside of app ads right ?

Yes this is inside app ads.

omg -___-
so the safest ads is only banner and interestial? -.-

I have not used mobilecore interstitial, but I have seen in other networks
that their implementation sometimes shows interstitials out of the app.
(For example there is a call in code “show intestitial” but there is a delay
the user leaves the app and the interstitial is shown out of the app)