Notification ad newb.. let me know if i am doing things right

So like the title says i am a newb at notification ads, never really used them. I will go through what i have setup so far with leadbolt. If anyone has any suggestions or knowledge to share i would really appreciate it.

I tested app-bucks and leadbolt this weekend. With leadbolt the performance was way better for my apps. Not to bag on app-bucks, but i was pretty disappointed after reading all the hype about it. Might have been just not a good fit with my apps, who knows. Anyway now onto the task of implementing leadbolt.

Decided to use only notification ads with the default opt in agreement from leadbolt. Got it all working with a splash screen for each app. The apps actually seem nicer with a splash screen, some what more professional. Should have done this before i guess. Now I know some people don’t like the agreements and giving the user the ability of opting out. But I use this as an up-sale tool to get them to buy the ad free version for 99 cents if they don’t like the ads. Seems to work pretty well.

I tested them all and got them approved rather quickly by leadbolt. Shortest one was about 10 minutes and the longest wait was 1 hour after pressing the button to go from test mode to live.

The notification settings i used: recurring notification - 12 hour delay - once every 2 days after that. I didn’t want to spam my active users.

Seems to be doing pretty well for the first day or so. There are now 2 running after the initial delay the second two should be up this afternoon sometime.

as of 9:30 am pacific time -

revenue - $8.18
ecpm of $10.94 (just dropped a bit from earlier i think its data lag because clicks jumped but not revenue)
ctr - 28.07%
new users - 4,776

Now mind you this is setting up leadbolt with 4 apps that combined have 200k + downloads and are at 90k+ active users. These are not new apps by any means.

I will update tomorrow morning about what i am seeing. Definitely post some numbers again and implement any good ideas or advice anyone has.

Thanks in advance.

ecpm 10$ lol , leadbolt must be on some drugs or you are ultra hot girl heh

well i don’t have any lady parts and here is a screen shot.

I do see why its hitting that. There is one app with a $134.85 ecpm due to a single click that got 94 cents.

edit - attach doesn’t seem to work for images so here is a link

Don’t get your hopes up. It will even out to mediocrity.

I quit leadbolt. I had similar statistics to yours, with hundred of clicks and zero (I mean zero) revenue.
I never came to understand why.

Leadbolt is CPA based ad network. You should understand it. They are even very rare run a CPC campaign, and Im not talking about CPM. That’s why u dont get anything when the ad has been pushed or clicked. It is not like airppush, startapp, and other networks.

I have to say, except their html offerwall, all their other ad types are bullshit. Well, I didnt try audio or video, so cant say anything…

Yes Daler, I understand that the model is CPA, but some how I feel robbed when I give 500 clicks to my partner and don’t get any revenue. After all I did my job, that is publishing the ad, if the ad does not work that’s not my fault.
I understand that this is a model and not a robbery, so for this reason I don’t criticize them, but just quit. I prefer by far CPC and CPM networks as soon as they giv a much more constant revenue, although I still do not understand which one is the best one.