Noticeable decrease in +1/day starting around 5th June - what do you think

Hi folks, have you also noticed a significant drop in +1s you apps receive per day? For me this started at around Jun 5th. The drop is around -50% or more. I wonder if this is due to some issue with my apps dropping down in rankings or another Google Play update like the one with ratings done few months back (Google Play asking users to rate apps which caused an overall drop in app ratings across all of them). Let me know. Thanks

PS. If that is a systemic issue then possibly asking users for +1s or purchasing them will make more sense than earlier?

nothing? anyone ?

I am not big player. but yes, usually there is drop on tues/wed/thusdays and it is common.

I made few of features paid in my app. experienced drop in downloads/impressions. then i reverted back all changes. but nothing changed…