NoteBook HD

hi ,

just joined to this form but an old fan of david’s blog.

this is my newest app.

please let me know your ideas


any comments?

You should get a native english speaker to rewrite your description.

Yeah, mind makes a good point!

Your app looks great, though. I really like the aesthetic style of it!

I just wouldn’t use it myself cause I’ve been using Evernote in all of my devices for a long time, and it’s pretty hard to beat Evernote, they’re really great.

Personally, that’s why I’d prefer to make games. Yes it’s competitive, but you only need 1 app that can do something (1 app for notes, 1 app for timers, 1 calculator app, 1 twitter app,…) whereas people will always download more games :slight_smile:

thanks for your comments!