Not Sure if to Cry or Not...

This is the new pay out from AppWiz.

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! How can anyone make a living from this… Is this what my hard work is worth…

Nov 19, 2013


I’m Yoav and I’m a Developer&Publisher relations here at Appwiz.
It’s a pleasure to E- meet you.

I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the new guidelines and pricing structure that is effective November 22nd. This table reflects the evolution of our offering, as we add additional revenue share monetization channels while continuing our PPD model – thus providing a 360° solution for you as you strive to maximize the revenue generated by your apps.

Important note: We will be evaluating your account on an application-by-application basis, reviewing the implementation carefully and working closely with you to ensure that we both can maximize the potential of your apps. Thus, the above new payment structure will be implemented in each of your applications.

We provide you with two monetization options:

  1. Search Monetization and In-App Advertising: $0.02 PPD for US traffic, $0.002 PPD for ROW, revenue share on the In-app ads, and monthly promotions (TBA).
  2. Search Monetization (PPD only): $0.01 PPD for US traffic, $0.001 PPD for ROW.

We will shortly be introducing new ad formats, and will continue to work to bring the best overall monetization solution for you and our partners.

I will be happy to answer any question you may have, you can reply this mail or even better add me on Skype: appwiz-yoav
Best Regards


Don’t know how to respond to that email.

You should just stop using them. There is no dearth of ad networks out there. Find another one which gives you the returns you deserve.

Haha, those are practically StartApp rates. Then again it’s not really unexpected.

Does anyone know of other Ad Networks that are paying more than this? Shouldn’t be too hard to find…

Well, Mobario is the only one that has, so far, kept their attractive rates (and they even have a bonus promotion on right now) but I’m reasonably sure they’re not really compliant, so use at your own risk.

Lol, those rates are horrible, i would suggest Everyone to remove them asap, they were always kinda half legit… But now they dont even pay much , bye bye Appwiz

If you have sufficient traffic you should try mediation. Stop putting all your eggs in one basket.

In my opinion these new rates will provide much lower payments than main competitor (guess who). In my tests I have found out that a significant part of users (50% or more) will decline the Eula, perhaps because it looks like spam. The competitors EULA can be replaced with your own version, thus making it look naturally part of your app.

Hey everyone, I invite everyone to try out my network - mobimicro. We’re not banner advertising so we don’t take any revenue away from that. We basically place a store within your app and then list relevant products from some of the top merchants in the world. We work completely in a CPC fashion and on average, we’ve seen CPC to be within the $0.10 range for our publishing partners.

Link Here

And I completely agree with hipster_ on ad mediation - stop putting all your eggs in one basket… it’s way too risky.

which competitor? Sounds interesting.

anyway for those who are still using Appwiz, they cut off my payment since September, and now they’re cutting everyone income. :slight_smile:

I mean Startapp, which has similar abysmal rates however.

Hmm, but how can startapp change their EULA? Is it a new feature?

You don’t change their EULA, you make your own. In your app code you can initiate Startapp without the EULA. If you alter the parameters and remove the EULA activity from the manifest, no EULA will show or be required. You are then free to design whatever EULA/dialog as you like.

I am not 100% sure of the code needed to do this, you have to check with Startapp for details.

Note that if you don’t have any EULA at all you risk ban from Google.

Wow im so glad I got rid of them a while ago for other reasons. I would freak out if I got that email and was still with them. I have a lot of apps it would be such a pain to switch.

I personally don’t use Appwiz but damn how are developers supposed to survive with those horrible PPD payouts? I remember Appwiz emerged right around the Google policy revision, looks like they aren’t doing too well.

Anyone suggest a better PPD network?

PPD is a dying concept I’m afraid. Google will surely start snapping up apps using that model at some point and there obviously isn’t much profit left to be made by networks from the concept any more.

Networks are either offering such low rates that its not worth it, or they offer high rates and don’t deliver for whatever reason.

If you’re looking for an additional revenue stream on top of traditional ad units, then I’d try out mobiMicro. I’ve started using them and they are continually getting better and all remaining in-app.

Why not try an ad network which brings Brand advertising dollars instead of trying to drive app downloads. Try our company which will make your app aware of the TV context. We show ads based on it and also pay CPMs just for the audience data that helps us build user profile. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in learning more.

I have been looking into mobiMicro as well and I am checking their SDK, I like the concept.

I prefer not to have a banner but the documentation doesn’t give an example of other ways to open the “shop”. Do you know how to launch the mobiMicro shop from say an actionbar button, is there something like mobiMicro.showInterstitial(…)?

They have really dedicated support in making sure things are working the best they can for your apps in my experience so far, which means a lot.

They do have a way of calling the shop manually, but you’d have to clear it with them first. Add Wonny on skype: mr1elee .

Will you continue use appwiz?