Not happy with StartApp

Everyone’s giving out their referral link and advising startapp.

First lie is, if 100 people downloads your app and accepts EULA that you will get $25 and your referral will get $15 is a LIE!
I did not get anything!

Furthermore my banner eCPM is only at $0.61 and interstitial eCPM is at $6.77. Is this a joke? Am I expected to get rid off my banners completely and pop up users all the time?

And last thing is, I have been getting a run-time error caused by their external library, I submitted the ticket with the caught exception trace report and they asked which phones I am having the error as well as asked to send manifest and mainactivity files. However they couldn’t fix the problem now they are asking the entire Android project with apk file. This is getting ridiculous!

Also they require $50 min to withdraw money.

Are there better company with better eCPM and withdraw money limit? According to their reports most of my users are from Mexico.

How long have you been using StartApp?
I have tried several other ad networks and none have given me as good of results as I get with StartApp.
Is there another problem with your app that could be causing the errors?

The problem is as far as I am aware, caused by their library itself, as it takes some time to load. If they have moved their loading stuff into another thread I wouldn’t have such problem. I am changing the software design patterns that I was using before, hopefully the problem won’t persist, but the main problem with them is promising that they will give $25 after 100 downloads, furthermore eCPM rates are quite low.

I don’t know why people always look at eCPM. The problem with this model is that it is not accurate! If you have crap low volume and you have HIGH eCPM still means you earned … jack, zero, nada… That is why the best measurement should be Average Revenue Per “active” daily user…ARPADU! I found a new revenue stream different than in app ads, in app purchases and incent… PM me to find out more. It will not work on all apps, so PM ME

Can someone tell me something about StartApp…I’ve integrated them in my app. But now when I exit my app I have something in my notification bar, like some push notification. It’s the name of my app with the icon and it says Availabe below. When I click it, it opens my app. Is this allowed by Google? Is it Google compliant?

This is due to appOptim SDK not due to StartApp SDK.

hm.weird.Yes, I use appoptim, but this is the first time I see this. Is this allowed?

Well you’re allowed to show ongoing notifications but showing one just to keep an ad service running is pushing it

Well is this good or not? I don’t see any ads, just my app’s name.

How many impressions have you delivered?
Where does your traffic come from?
how long you had does ecpms?
These datas are important

50$ minimum threshold is quite good.

go here:
It is different than what you said: you will get 10$ and your friend will get 15$ after 1000 downloads(they have to accept eula).
At least you are complaining about bad ecpm and stuff like that, other ad networks won’t pay you after your hard work, be carefull.

for example appwiz threshold is 100$ if you are lucky, because they don’t pay.Sorry you are not eligible for the payment will be their answer.

If your app is legit and you care about your developer account I suggest you to be really carefull with that.

Time to move to Airpush…

After you downloaded your app, did you accept the EULA?

Since these are not really ads, but something in the notification bar, I think it still means its googleplay compliant. I’m not 100% though. However, if you accepted the EULA, then it will be for sure googleplay compliant.

The EULA doesn’t have anything to do with push ads anymore. You can show relevant notifications without an EULA, but at the same time, showing an EULA doesn’t give you permission to push unnecessary ones. It should fly under the radar since only one app can use the appoptim sdk on a device (right?) while users could’ve had multiple apps displaying airpush notifications before the policy change. It all depends on how Google interprets this section of the System Interference policy:

“Apps and their ads must not display advertisements through system level notifications on the user’s device, unless the notifications derive from an integral feature provided by the installed app (e.g., an airline app that notifies users of special deals, or a game that notifies users of in-game promotions).”

I just don’t understand why appoptim would put developers at even more risk over something that will only confuse and annoy users. Does the notification only show after u start the app or does the sdk automatically start on boot?

There is no such an ad platform the best. Different platform for different kinds of developers. That’s my current conclusion.

Hi Sarpkaya,

You’re getting some great results, I think that most guys here will be thrilled with $6.77 eCPM, $0.61 for banners is also very good if most of the users are from Mexico!

I’m not sure about that error, but we have a great support team that are always happy to help. I’d love to check in on this, please email me directly [email protected]

Hope I hear from you soon and we can resolve that tech glitch.

Maybe you misunderstand the bonus. I have just been using startapp a short while and have already earned two bonuses. Maybe you did earn your bonus and just don’t know it, go to the payments part of the website and look at “Payment History”, I think that is where you can see the bonus and the pending payment date.
Instead of looking at CPM, try looking at the bottom line, how much revenue you earn. I don’t think the $50.00 minimum is out of line, some ad networks have a $500.00 minimum payout.
I have tried many ad networks and I still recommend startapp.

Somebody received money from startapp to paypal 01/02/14 ?

I did, just an hour ago

I also received it