Not happy with LeadBolt..Anybody knows Ad network similar to Airpush?


I’m using Leadbolt for almost a year now but not happy with it’s performance especially in the last few months. I’m getting decent traffic and clicks but getting .01 per click conversion.
My ads on Airpush however are better that those of Leadbolt and total overall revenue is more despite that fact that I started using Airpush way later than LeadBolt.

I was wondering if there are any CPM networks like Airpush who gives revenue to the developer on CPM basis and not on clicks?


I’m pretty sure SendDroid pay CPM instead of clicks. I have never seen any “click” data displayed with them.

Thanks A1ka1inE. I checked the SendDroid ads but most of them, infact all of them, are CPC based ads.
Am I missing something here…?

I think all of them are CPC, as they offer advertisers with CPC, or CPI, not CPM. But I think they hide the conversion rate, and balance the eCPM to make the eCPM as competitive as possible, to satisfy the most developers.

I guess there are just too few ad net works nowadays that still pay with CPM…as it’s getting less popular among advertisers
And are you using banners with airpush? How its ecpm performs?
I think you can just try some more ad formats that is with better CTR, like appwall, interstitials, icon ad…
At least these are sending my games not bad revenue,using appflood
Also i like appflood’s data analyse system with good transparency:)

Thanks John

Thanks Vivianyang

@_Harry We just wanted to chime in and let you know that pretty much all networks are CPC, even Airpush. Airpush charges advertisers on a CPC basis and splits it with the developer, but only shows the CPM. Networks like TapContext and Leadbolt are more transparent because we actually show the clicks.

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