Not happy with Airpush Bundle 2 - 1500 to 2000 downloads a day and $4.50

I use Airpush Bundle 2 for my apps and I am getting anywhere from $4.50 to $7.50 for
1500 to 2000 downloads per day. This is beyond ridiculous.

I am thinking of removing Airpush Bundle 2 from my existing apps and any other new
apps that I release.

Have been looking at other PPD such as Sincestar and Hummermobi but havent tried them

Any one else facing the same problem ?

the installs count for the new users only ie the ones who has never opted for airpush bundle pack .So the install ratio and the earnings would be different always .Which market do you publish and what type of apps do you have ? have you integrated all ads unit ? I also noticed airpush has rolled out sdk 8.0 which is having video ads does any one notice jump in earnings using that ??

I have integrated all ad formats. It was never this low, earlier, I earned anywhere from $150 to $200 / day for few thousand downloads. But right now this is ridiculous.

Yea even i am unhappy with airpush but i think its because of my low download rates .Also which app market you use ?

I had same problem, but then submit to a few other stores and earnings jumped back up. Correct its aabout new users, not total users or ad units installed. AirpushNick can make suggestion he help me.

Hi,May i know what other stores you get downloads from? Not all third party store performs well .So sharing those store details will help few developers,including myself :slight_smile: and may i know type of app too?

1mobile, mobile9, mobango, getjar (take their own sweet time)

what is your cpm ?

Did you even read the god damn thread ?

iam asking for cpm not for your daily downloads :slight_smile:

Im making good money with bundle 2. Is the best SDK for 3 market

Bundle2 is pretty good, you need to put your apps on more markets - opera,mobile1,apptoid are good

opera is not confirming my account .The app just stay static no downloads nothing !

cpm for airpush bundle 2 is $50.00 like always.

50$ and you get 4.50 only for 2000 download every day ?

I think you do not know anything about Airpush Bundle2. So, please stop wasting my time and yours.

you get good downloads from 1moile,mobango?

yeah getjar takes their own time.

And regarding i believe user need premium membership to publish apk on their website .Am i right?

Hi,May i know which 3 markets ?

Sorry, is Third markets. Non google play store.

i understood it’s not google play :slight_smile: But you meant 3rd party store/market right ? I thought 3 markets i mean 3 stores :slight_smile: As not all 3rd party stores perform well.