Not English threads

I think it’s time to add some new rule, which clearly will state that only English can be used as the language of the forum. It’s a place to share ideas, marketing solutions, and etc for everyone. We are all working globally, so if everyone will start talking about monetization for some specific region in their own language, the others will not be aware of it.

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Imagine Russians (just as example, u can put any country, region) will speak about how to monetize russian users and what kind of adnetworks is good in Russia, and they will talk about it only in russian. Does it make sense? I don’t speak russian but for sure I do have users from Russia, so I also interested in this monetization… why I should be out of this, only because I don’t know that language…

That was one of examples, and not talking about what kind of mess will be in the forums… For now, I saw only 2 threads, but its beginning and better take some actions now.

P.S. English is not my native language, so don’t think I’m pushing it to u. My English is also poor, but I do my best to explain my opinion to others and if u think your English is not good enough dont worry, use translators and improve your knowledge. Be global. I hope it doesn’t hurt anyone.