Not appearing in Similar App List

I would like to know why my app is not appearing in other app “Similar App List”?
I searched through most of the apps and could not find my app appearing in “Similar App List”.
Anyone has any idea why is it so?
Anyway to improve my app to appear under “Similar App List”?
Thank you.

It’s possible you appeared once, for example in the first month of release. After that, when your active users shrink down, most apps disappear again. You can send me a pm with your app link and I can analyze this in detail for you.

Hi. I am also interested how similar app section works.
I know we can’t know exact algorithm, but as far as i can see, google puts your app with those with similar keywords, and similar and less number of downloads. So if app is not ranked for any keyword, and have very small number of downloads it will take some time before anything appears in your similar apps list. And when something do appear it does not mean your app will be listed it that app similar app list. Title of app is important, because google’s algorithm will use it to find similar apps. One of my apps, it is a memory game, but because it is called Dot Memory, only games with “dots” appear in my similar list, and none of match up games.

I think similar apps are important, simply because they will bring downloads.

Also i would like to know some tricks how to “get similar” with some popular apps :slight_smile: