Nokia X - anyone tried publishing apps?

Nokia X is the new Android phone made by Microso… ehm… Nokia. :wink: It probably won’t live long but still, I tried uploading my apps because why not?
Funny thing is, they appear to already be there (I get an error that the package already exist for all my apps - but not for newly created package names). Anyone tried it? I wonder where the apk files they used come from…? Some third party store most likely, but I wonder which?

And I hope it was not done by someone replacing ad code in apks and releasing them as their own…
Their support is a joke by the way, they responded to my question as if they haven’t read my e-mail at all.

Just published an app, exactly as is in the play store, and didn’t have any problem

maybe opera store, i got an email from them saying that they transfer my apps to nokia store

Thanks. My apps are not on Opera Store but that shows that Nokia takes apps from other stores… hm…

its windroid

Nokia x isnt going to be launched in usa, canada, japan and other developed countries as of now, I wonder if its worth the pain, all my apps are heavily reliant on play services…

I think the map showed whole Europe which I consider developed. :wink: But it might not be released at all if Microsoft grabs Nokia before that happens.

Nokia X seems to be a great addition… I can’t find much apps on it hope people start building more on it

I was going to upload my apps to their store also. I started with my most popular app, then gave up when it said the package name was already in use. Funny thing is I couldn’t find it on the store site, looking at about the first 10 pages searching for the title. I’m also wondering where they got it from. It also sucks because I can’t manage updates for my apps.

I published one, they approved it a few days ago. Still can’t find it.

I think you can’t yet browse the Nokia X store - at least not on the web, maybe on the device? The results you are seeing are from other Nokia phones, not the Android ones. But I might be wrong.

They provided me with this link to check. When they said my app was approved. Nokia Store: Download games, themes, wallpaper, ringtones and mobile apps on your Nokia phone

It might be country locked, I don’t see any Nokia X apps in ovi store.

Nokia is getting the apps from Opera. They informed me about this in a mail. I still haven’t seen any Nokia X downloads for any of the apps. Maybe Nokia X hasn’t been released yet? Or maybe very few people are using it?

The uploading works now. I wonder what was the cause of this problem…

The uploading works now. I wonder what was the cause of this problem…

Yeah well Nokia X is best because it supports open source operating system. It runs on android platform so user can easily access to all application, Nokia app and window based services. You have to refer this link for more information.