no xmas magic from admob?

My revenue is pretty much flat lined through out december, and even got worse in the past week. anyone else experiencing this? I was hoping my revenue will double like i’ve been told be numerous ad network reps

The same on moPub Marketplace, revenue for last few days is low. AdMob is a little worse than last week for me. I don’t remember Christmas being so good in admob last year either. I usually make more money in January because after Christmas I usually have more downloads (new devices people got as presents).

I would assume there’s a much larger percentage of developers using AdMob now compared to last year, due to the policy changes in August, so maybe AdMob simply doesn’t have enough holiday advertisers to create the “too many ads for too few apps” situation that causes RPM spikes.

I observed noticeably higher CPM (increased ~Nov 28th by approx +10%) and possibly a small increase on daily impressions (this weekend).

If I remember it right - its 25th & 26th when you can expect a significant increase in installs (new devices Santa brings) and impressions as well.

I’m seeing opposite from you guys. So far I’m seeing 20% more revenue in december than november with admob. November was higher than normal too. And I haven’t added any new apps in months. In fact my daily installs were less in Nov. than months before. December too, untill a few days ago installs started to pick back up.

Something is changing today, admob seems to have waken up. At least 10% more today.

What do you guys think about selling ads directly to buyer ?

My RPM decreased considerably this last 3 days (from $1.5 to $1.04). Today it seems to be around $1.04 as well

Today its very low for me , its about $0.9 :frowning:

After making the thread yesterday, my admob started climbing and finally gave me a decent boost in revenues, 2nd best day in December. Today however it is starting out slow again -30% from yesterdays activity.

Since 3 days my AdMob stats are awesome. Revenue is increased almost 1,5 times. I think it is an Xmas gift :smiley: People are playing our games because they are in Holiday :slight_smile: