No Western Union Secret Question & Answer in Admob Payment for Jan Earnings.

Previosuly adsense/admob were sending my payments via Western Union and sent along with them a secret question and secret answer that Western Union regulations dictates for In my country Uganda.
In Uganda, you cannot receive a western union money sent to you without the secret question and answer.

As you can see
The older format displayed all info including the secret question

But this new format doesn’t

I’ve tried several times to acquire my money at a western union branch but they keep denying my secret questions as false.

Ive tried the old question of “your adense number”?

Also tried “This Payment was processed by: Google Ireland etc”

Any help is appreciated.

Turns out the Secret Question was “Your Billing ID” and the answer??? well you guessed it… its the 12 digit billing ID at the upper right corner of the picture. I got my money :slight_smile: