No payment from Admob yet

Did anyone got their payment from Admob? Normally the amount appear on 13 - 15 but its 16th 10:36PM here… Still no $$$ in Paypal. My admob account is up and running but still I’m worried I don’t know what those F***ers are going to do.

i got wire payment ,but Paypal not yet

No wire payments yet. Their payment system sucks :frowning:

Maybe its because of the weekends.

But since last change admob connected to AdSense and it`s paying in AdSense payment time means in 22-30 for every month

some time they is delay maybe up to 20 of the month don’t worry , i’m already got wire payment yesterday.

That’s what I’m thinking…

I was worried because even my RPM dropped like 70% its 4:29Am monday here the day has not even started yet. I often see the payment around 5PM. hate you Admob!

I’m assuming that it will come tomorrow. They never pay out on the weekends and mine has usually been coming between the 16th and 18th.

me too, not yet

No payment 6:50PM

BTW… have anyone from India got payment this month from Admob?

Have anybody got it?

No brother, not yet.

Some for me, did not get payment yet

shitness… there should be someone who teach Google a lifes leson that they won’t forget ever. F***ng gigantic Skynet.

Didn’t realize today was President’s Day. That probably explains why there was no payment today. Banks etc are closed. Expecting it tmw.

No money from admob yet. Today 18th, it’s too LATE!

The reason causes President Day, maybe? Almost banks dont work in US this day. Any idea?

WTF is President Day? He should be in prision for his life for the lives he has taken and the money he is stealing from the sheeple…

And admob team should have realised this in advance and paid publishers earlier… But they don’t care and forget people got bills to pay and food to eat lives to live.