No payment from Admob yet this month of July

Did anyone received payment from old Admob this month? Indian developers any news?

I’m checking my paypal account from 4 days now.

No payment yet. Old admob, paypal.

At least I was expecting this morning coz its 17th now. But no sign of it.

Slowly they are increasing 1 day each month. Isnt it?

Any news so far?

Nothing here. .

last month paypal denied my payment (according to google) so i’m waiting the money this month. but that never happened before. and the first month with the new admob - issue. i hope this is one month thing. this month i’m waiting my last payment to paypal, and my first to western union. so i hope everything is ok… :slight_smile:

p.s. just received my last payment to admob. now i’m waiting for my first payment with new admob interface :slight_smile:

new admob will initiate on 23rd of this monthn

I just received the payment. My sweet money figure!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There is a problem though. I need to upgrade to new admob now. Its like a suicide button for me lol… Because in 2007 I had an adsense account banned on my name. I have a different address now. But still I’m afraid because of the name thing. Anyway I’m just pressing the Annihilation button lol lets see what happens.

Bro I have just upgraded to new admob. I have now over $10 in my account but it doesn’t show up any payment method yet. Have a look:

And in order to get paid through bank account I need to self hold the payment right? I’m confused about it what to do… I mean I have an option “Hold my payment until” then a text fieldbeside it, when I click it, it shows calendar. Is this only the self hold thing? If yes then what should I put in “Increase payment threshold to” text field?

Dear dashndash,
You must check your payment settings in Adsense. its centralized system for all the Google revenue streams.
If you are not finding payment settings in new admob,check it in adsense. it must have payment settings for you. new-admob just presents the copy of settings from Adsense. sometime admob is not in synch with Adsense.

However if you are not findiing payment settings in adesense as well, it means your account is brand new and you should do following


    System.out.println("configure it...");
        Thread.sleep(TIME_REQD_FOR_PAYMENT_SETTINGS * 1000);
        System.out.println("You are in queue, do not make noise");
catch(InterruptedException e)
   System.out.println("Adsense account does not exist ......");

I’ve checked the payment method in adsense also and even it doesnt gives me any option to select. At last I think I have to run your script in my mind and wait for the availability of the option.

And what about the SELF HOLD thing? How can I do that? How long shall I self hold? 1 month? 2 months? ?? Please answer this. Thanks.