NO INSTANT PAYOUT APPODEAL - "Processing" since middle of July - Anyone else???

When will Appodeal complete the Payouts?

Will Appodeal still charge the fee of 2% even if it is no immediate Payout?

Thank you

Did you raise it with support and got any reply?

Seems like internal problems from appodeal.

The requested payment is scheduled on the next month because the requested amount appears together with the current amount in the Request payment section “Payment of … is scheduled on …next month…”

So why the immediate requested payout is scheduled on next month?

yeah I had the same problem took them like 3 weeks to pay me had to send them a lot of emails

Same here, I requested a payout on July 28, since then it says “processing” but also “Payment of XXX is scheduled on September 03, 2015”. I hope they won’t charge 2% if we have to wait more than one month for instant payout !

Payment complete now.

It tooks about half a month. Think this problem caused by the admob issue.

I will check if Appodeal charged the fee and reply asap.