Ninja Skates 3D

Jump onto the ninja skate and take the tough challenges across the Ancient Japanese Streets. Clash with odd nature disasters and keep on skating a long way towards the hall of fame. Choose from the wide range of skilled Ninja and pick up your favorite skate board to go for a joyride.
Ninja Skates 3D is a game crammed with fantastic environment and alluring game play. Enjoy and have FUN! Zoom through beautiful & fantastic environment including the ancient temple, narrow streets etc.
Ninja’s are all set to go on an enigmatic tour of 3D environment and fascinating HD Graphics. Experience the exciting and enchanting adventure of Ninja at Ancient Japanese city.
Challenge your friends to win the crown for each mile you skate and dominate the leader boards.
Earn and display esteemed miles achievement and share with all.

  • Discover the ancient street & various ninjas
  • Unlock the secret & marvelous 3D Environment
  • Simple Game Play with great HD Graphics
  • Experience the new challenges and themes
  • Skate and beat all your friends
    → FREE Game with optional In-app purchase
    → Amazing Skate simulation.
    → A fun skating game with loads of skater challenges
    → Real skater Simulation
    → Excellent HD Graphics and Sound
    → Character Physics and Simulator
    → RATE & SHARE the game
    → 3D environments, with multiple camera views.
    → Challenge and share score with all your Family and Friends
    → Compatible with all Mobiles, Tabs and TV.

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